Astronomy in questions and answers
astronomy in questions and answers
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1.  What is a galaxy?
2.  How many different kinds of galaxies are there?
3.  What is an elliptical galaxy?
4.  What is a spiral galaxy?
5.  What is an irregular galaxy?
6.  How many different parts are there in a galaxy?
7.  Why do some galaxies have arms and others do not?
8.  Is there any difference in the materials found in various parts of a galaxy?
9.  What is meant by stars of Population I and Popuiation II?
10. Is it possible to see the dust in distant galaxies?
11. How many galaxies are there?
12. What are the nearest galaxies to our own Milky Way Galaxy?
13. What kind of galaxy do we live in?
14. How big is our Galaxy?
15. Is our Galaxy in motion?
16. How fast does our Galaxy rotate?
17. Just where are we inside our Galaxy?
18. Can we see from the Earth any trace of the structure of our Galaxy?
19. If we are nearer to one edge of our Galaxy, what difference does our position make in what we can see of the Galaxy?
20. Is there much chance of galaxies' colliding?
21. Can a galaxy suffer more than one collision?
22. What are the Magellanic Clouds? Have they any other name?
magellanic clouds
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