Astronomy in questions and answers
astronomy in questions and answers
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Mercury, Venus and Mars
1.  Which of the planets is nearest the Sun?
2.  How big is Mercury?
3.  How fast does Mercury travel around the Sun?
4.  Is Mercury's motion about the Sun regular?
5.  Does Mercury have any atmosphere?
6.  How far is Venus from the Sun?
7.  How big is Venus?
8.  How fast does Venus travel around the Sun?
9.  Does Venus have an atmosphere?
10. How near to the Earth does Venus come?
11. How big is Mars?
12. How far is Mars from the Earth?
13. What is the temperature on the surface of Mars?
14. How fast does Mars travel about the Sun?
15. How long is a day on Mars?
16. Does Mars have an atmosphere?
17. What are the canals on Mars?
18. What is the green on Mars?
19. Does Mars have seasons?
20. Does Mars have any satellites?
21. Why does Mars look red?
mercury and mars
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