Astronomy in questions and answers
astronomy in questions and answers
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The Moon
1.  What is the Moon?
2.  How far from the Earth is the Moon?
3.  How big is the Moon?
4.  Does the Moon have a day and night?
5.  How fast does the Moon travel around the Earth?
6.  What is the greatest effect that the Moon has upon the Earth?
7.  What is the shape of the Moon's orbit?
8.  How long does it take the Moon to go around the Earth?
9.  If the Moon rotates, why do we always see the same side of it?
10. Who first saw the Moon through a telescope?
11. Is the dark part of the Moon the shadow of the Earth?
12. Which way does the Moon move in the sky?
13. How much of sunlight that strikes it does the Moon reflect?
14. What is the cause of the phases of the Moon?
15. How many craters are there on the Moon?
16. What is the largest crater on the Moon?
17. Which is the deepest crater on the Moon?
18. Who named the places on the Moon?
19. Who names the craters now?
20. Are there mountains on the Moon?
21. What caused the mountains on the Moon?
22. Are there really seas on the Moon?
23. What is now known about the other side of the Moon?
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