Astronomy in questions and answers
astronomy in questions and answers
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1.  What is a star?
2.  Do all of the stars have names?
3.  How did the stars get their names?
4.  What star is nearest the Earth?
5.  How are the distances to the near stars measured?
6.  What is a parsec?
7.  How many stars can we see on a clear night?
8.  Why are some stars brighter than others?
9.  What does magnitude mean?
10. Do the stars have colour?
11. Do the colours of the stars have any significance?
12. How hot are stars?
13. How do we know the temperature of a star?
14. How big are stars?
15. What is a giant star?
16. Are the giants massive stars?
17. Are the giant stars hot stars?
18. What is a supergiant star?
19. Are the supergiants massive stars?
20. Are the supergiant stars hot stars?
21. What are the sizes of the supergiant stars?
22. What is a nova?
23. What happens to the material expelled from a nova?
24. What is the origin of planetary nebulae?
25. What is a planetary nebula?
26. Why is the Crab Nebula so called and where is it?
27. How many novae are there?
28. What is a supernova?
29. Has any star ever become a nova more than once?
30. Are there many double stars?
31. How many stars are there in a cluster?
32. What is a globular cluster?
33. What is meant by a galactic cluster?
34. What are variable stars?
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