Astronomy in questions and answers
astronomy in questions and answers
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The Sun
1.  What is the Sun?
2.  What is the Sun made of?
3.  How big is the Sun?
4.  How far from the Earth is the Sun?
5.  How hot is the Sun?
6.  Does the Sun rotate upon its axis?
7.  Does the Sun have an atmosphere?
8.  What is the central body of the Sun called?
9.  What are the two layers of the solar atmosphere?
10. What is the chromosphere?
11. When can the chromosphere be seen?
12. What is the corona?
13. How big is the corona?
14. When can the corona be seen?
15. What are sun-spots?
16. How big may sun-spots be?
17. Are sun-spots black?
18. Are sun-spots cooler than the rest of the Sun?
19. How long do sun-spots last?
20. Are there always spots on the Sun?
21. Do sun-spots have any effect upon the Earth?
solar atmosphere
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